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BYODA is a non-profit organization with the mission to enable better social media: better for the mental health of the people who use it, better for their privacy, and less divisive for society. The movie The Social Dilemma is the inspiration for this project. It shows some of the consequences of our growing dependence on social media.

I have developed an open-source Personal Data Server (pod) with features that make it a building block to deliver social media services. With the pod, you own your data and control how it can be used. It will enable you to select the algorithms it should use to generate your feeds. It also understands relations, such as 'friend' or 'subscriber', with (the pods of) other people and uses P2P networking to collect or share data with people in your network.

For people who do not want to operate their own pod, I have created the BYO.Host hosting service.

The BYO.Tube social network uses an open architecture to decouple the various functionalities of a social media service. Different people, communities, NGOs, and companies can offer capabilities like content moderation, advertisements, identity management or hosting to the users of the service. The ideas behind this service are described in the blog posts below and information about the practical implementation can be found in the about section of

To support my work, please consider donating or reaching out to discuss sponsorship opportunities.

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